I know that it is irrational to walk around with the belief that everything could suddenly be taken away from you. I thought it would go away when I grew up, but it didn't. Here are some photographs from a larger, on-going collection, titled All Shelters Are Marked With A Sign, which is centred upon relations, fear and separation, with the island that I live on as a backdrop. It touches on the anxiety of the unknown future coloured by the silent alarm of climate changes and the responsibility of raising children in a very unstable existence. The photographs are all taken with a Rolleiflex camera. 

The title for this project is taken from the brochure "If War or Crisis Comes" that was given out to every household in Sweden last year. It was distributed by the Swedish government and contains information what to do in an emergency situation. The reason it was handed out is because of the overall higher security risks in our society nowadays. I'm interested in the rhetorics of that kind of governmental message to the people and find comfort in the words "all shelters are marked with a sign"


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