This is an on-going project based on the checklist presented in the brochure "If War or Crisis comes" that was handed out to every household in Sweden in 2018, distributed by the Swedish government. The checklist suggests what you should have prepared in case of an emergency, such as water, canned food, tea lights and so on. Since I'm a bit anxious for an eventual future crisis you might think that I am a well-prepared citizen but when I checked my cupboards It appeared that I had almost nothing from the checklist. Everything looked like a mess, there was no structure and I got stressed over not really knowing what I have and not have. It was at that moment I got the idea of making an inventory of all my stuff at home. It will take some time but I will do it. The images you see here is just a few of the collection. With this project I will not just get an overview of all the things I own, it will also raise questions about consumption, desire and the process of value-making concerning objects in our world. By acting in this kind of "manic" manner, I also want to touch upon the fact that we (humans) are focusing on the wrong things. Instead of just stop the carbon dioxide emissions in order to save the planet we are flying to Thailand, where that very non environmentally friendly trip is justified by the last week's purchase of a new electric bicycle. 

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