As a response to my conversation with the government shelter people (see "I can't find my shelter?" where I learned that although there are over 65 000 shelter rooms in Sweden, there is none on the islands outside Gothenburg where I live) I decided that there actually is one, in a mysterious concrete cube shaped bunker thing, spotted in a place I have taken several photographs before. I made a shelter flag and my mission was to approach the cube. Was it even a bunker? Could it be used as a shelter? I must find out. My plan was to go there, investigate it and hopefully leave a mark on it somehow, to attach the shelter symbol on it.

This quest led to a performance at the opening of our graduation show, May 15, 2020 on the website You see here a screen shot from the performance that was supposed to be broadcasted live on the opening of our graduation show UGot Distance. Unfortunately, the technique failed and the performance couldn’t be seen as planned. However, I recorded it with my own camera.

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