Photographs printed on transparent film

When I tell people I have five brothers and one sister they goes "oh, wow, that is so amazing!" and then they usually ask which number I am in the crowd and "how it is" to have such a large family. I love my siblings and one interesting thought about family is that you haven't picked them yourself, still you are in a relationship with them that you can't really ignore (ok, I know you can, but it still is there and will always be). We are seven totally different personalities but we all come from the same two persons, our parents. Since we all are in regular contact with each other, I really feel thankful for having the privilege to get to know them. In this installation I wanted to show the relationship between us and how our common past always will connect us. An effect of the transparent film is that our faces merges together and we become a mix of each other. Just as it is in the real world. 

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