I felt so stupid when I realized that I used these people as kind of actors in my story of the outsiders, the working class heroes, the ones who stayed when others left. I was so into the lyrics of Springsteen and thought it was a great idea to just drive around in my (parents) car, a warm summer among pines and birches in nowhere land, searching for the people in the songs. Some of them I knew since when I lived there, some are my relatives. Others I got in contact with by a tip from someone. Lets say that for me, this was an introduction to both documentary photography and staged photography at the same time. It’s a series of 15 portraits and I first exhibit the photos in the village they lived in (my hometown). During the project I didn’t reflect that much of what the purpose was, I just knew that I wanted just those people in my project and they were up to it too. It was the period that followed that I started to wonder how I had treated them and if I had reduced them in some way. I guess it’s a classic dilemma in the tradition of documentary photography and this made me mess around with the rules of the conventions.

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