The work Sjöspeglar is a public art work to a new public swimming pool building in Årjäng, Värmland in Sweden. It will be opened in April 2024. Sjöspeglar (in English: Lake Mirrors) is inspired of two lakes Holmedalssjön and Svensbysjön nearby the small village Årjäng (where I grew up actually). I took the shapes from the lakes and added photographs of the sky from the island I live on now. I liked the idea of bringing two of my "homes" together, of course with a color twist. I imagined them as two windows, that you can rest your eyes on when you are swimming in the pool back and forth. The shapes made me also think about water splashes, which is suitable considering the place they are located in. The two works are produced by Artproof/Prodig and are mounted with diasec, acrylic glass with a photographic print in between. The pink one is six meters wide. 

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